~~ The Bar X Bunkhouse Boys ~~

Perhaps the hardest part of moving out of California was having to give up the band. I miss the music and I miss hanging out with the guys. We will always remain good friends. But memories don't die, and I'll always remember the times we had on stage. I know they're all still performing in various bands around the Bay Area. Keep an eye out.

There's nothing more fun than playing with good musicians. Being up there with the Bunkhouse Boys was always a kick, and a bit like traveling back to those long ago days of the swing bands of the 30s and 40s. Playing for dances was the best. Our musical palette included western swing, traditional country, and cowboy, and we loved it all.

Over the years, the various configurations of bands I've put together have always been called The Bar X Bunkhouse Boys. May they live forever!

Bar X Bunkhouse Boys

The Bar X Bunkhouse Boys (L to R): Billy Wilson (steel guitar), Larry Jones (bass), Art Peterson (accordion and vocals),

Greg McCarty (guitar and vocals), Gus Garelick (fiddle), Norm Meister (drums and vocals).


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