The Road
October - November, 2003

The following travel journal resulted from (1) keeping oral notes on a micro-cassette recorder as I drove, (2) the desire to get my experiences down in writing so that I might relive this trip years on down the road, and (3) to get back to doing some of my own writing after spending these last eight years teaching composition to squirrelly teenagers. I sprinkle in a few photos here and there. Wish I had taken more. And forgive me if from time to time I wallow in details, but I love them so! It's the seemingly insignificant details that make something come alive, whether it be fiction, film, a painting, a photo, or even a conversation. As my good friend Mies van der Rohe put it: “God dwells in the details.” So there you go. 'Nuff said.

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Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska
Arkansas, Memphis
North Carolina
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana
New Mexico & UFOs
Billy the Kid
Into Arizona
Southern California
Northern California