It's the first day of a new decade and I'm looking out at a sunny day here in Portland. A bit windy, a bit chilly, definitely damp, but a heck of a lot better than this time a year ago as illustrated by the pic on the left taken then. The one on right I just took a few minutes ago. I mean, I like snow, but enough already.
Snowy dayNo snow!
This last year saw me continuing with my substitute teaching job. I still enjoy the classroom, but don't miss the homework of a full-time English teacher. But, because there's so many more people signing up to sub, I've had to branch out into working at elementary and middle schools as well as high school. Working with the little guys at the elementary level is fun. but the middle schoolers....yikes. Well, it's all a day's work.

I'm still pursuing my passion for fly fishing. In July, my long time friend, Steve Cooper, and I fished the Owyhoo River in eastern Oregon...
Steve on Owyhee River wide shotSteve with 'bow

Enjoying the hospitality of my good bud, Ted Macklin, at his place in Hailey, Idaho, Steve and I fished with ace local fly fisherman, Mike Tischner...
Greg on South Fork of the BoiseSteve and Mike on the South Boise

I also did a couple of radio interviews this last year, chatting about my cowboy music. If you're interested, there's a link to listen to them on the home page of this site. One of the interviews was on "Calling All Cowboys," a western music radio show ramrodded by Chuckaroo the Buckaroo (!), aka Charley Engel. Charley then kindly invited me to go riding with him and his wife, Dana. We headed out to the Ochoco Mountiains east of Bend. It was a beautiful day and great ride...
Greg on Calling All CowboysRiding in the Ochocos
Of course, music continues to occupy the better part of my time. The Cafe Cowboys duo is still going strong. We played at something like fifteen farmers' market this last year and have great fun doing it.
Flauren and GregGreg at a farmer's market
Kelsey is halfway throught her last year at Sloan School of Business at MIT. As I write this, she's flying from South America -- where she was backpacking in Patagonia, to South Africa -- where she and a team of MIT classmates (she's second from left) will be work on a project at Warmbaths Hospital in Bela Bela. Later this spring, she's to India for yet another school project. In addition to all this, she manages to find time to sing in a rock band. The grass definitely does not grow under Kelsey's feet!

Karen got herself a puppy this fall. Stanley is a bichon frise and just a groovy little guy. He's about four months old as I write this and full of playful energy. This picture was taken the day Karen brought him home -- he was eight weeks old.
Kelsey's MIT teamStanley
Well, this covers some of what's been happening this last year. I hope everyone has a great 2010. Stay in touch.

Adios fer now,

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