Lake Oswego, Oregon

Fall, 2006Karen's graduation

After substitute teaching last school year at six of the local high schools, I headed back to Colorado towards the end of May. Karen was powering her way through the last couple of quarters of college on her way to her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Advertising, which she received mid August. It was quite an accomplishment and we are all very proud of her. She worked like a mad woman in every class and it was no surprise that she graduated cum laude.

Greg at work?My wrangling duties at the ranch kept me in the saddle six days a week. I greatly enjoyed working the guests there, many of whom have become good friends. When I wasn't horseback (and holding up gate posts), I spent the better part of my time fishing and playing music. My good friend and hot concertina player, Larry Gulley, and I entertained around the campfire. I must say that we did have our act together. I also was part of the ranch's bank, which included Johnny Fisher, Randy Kelley, John, and Bob. Fine musicians all. We had those guests tapping their tuckered out little tootsies. Of course, it didn't hurt that they had probably just imbibed a goodly amount of vino.

Whereas for the first two years of my Home Ranch employ I handled the fly-fishing duties, these last two years I just wrangled. But I spent many after work hours happily fishing the Elk River. How can you beat having some of the best fly-fishing anywhere in the country just outside your door? It was glorious. For the third year, my good friend Steve Cooper came out from Los Angeles to fish. We had another great time. While I didn't that all that many fishing photographs (usually I fished by myself and taking pictures when alone is a hassle), I did take a few. Here's one of a nice 18" 'bow. The Elk will certainly hold fond memories for me.

Upon my return to Oregon in mid-October, I've plunged once again into the sub teacher world. While there are some things I miss about full-time teaching (like benefits...), I enjoy subbing. It fits me. I teach everything from English to physics to guitar to Spanish to math to God only knows what. Last week you could have caught wrangling beginning strings at an elementary school. Try that one on for size!

Flauren the fiddle playerRegarding my own music, I'm rehearsing right now with a fine fiddle player here in Portland, Flauren Ricketts. We're putting together an eclectic repertoire -- standards, fiddle tunes, cowboy, Irish, western swing -- and about to start gigging at some level. I dearly love to perform. I'm also back jamming with the gypsy jazz community here in Portland.

After having been enmeshed in academia for the last few years, Karen is once again about to enter the work world. Whatever job she finds, I'm sure she'll shine as she always does.

Laura Kelsey is in the midst of medical school interviews. As with Karen, it's been a long road for her to get to this point and we have high hopes for her realizing her doctorly ambitions.

That about does it for now. I wish you all a fine holiday season.

Adios for now,


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